Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Women in Fandom

Wandering around the feminist sf wiki, I noticed there was a link on the main page to an empty article on Women in Fandom. I put some content in the article, mainly a list of women who I know have worked on or Chaired multiple conventions, run organizations, edited fanzines, etc. I glanced at a smofcon membership list and the list of former worldcon chairs and some smofs posts to remind me of peoples' names; please don't take offense if you're not on the list, I know it's not complete. Please do add people or click through to add information to individual pages/articles on the amazing women in our community, or correct people's names to their preferred format. (Most of the women on the list have no articles and need them created. As always, as a wiki editor, I offer to post information for people who shy away from the actual wiki editing process.)
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