Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So yesterday we did have a SFOHA meeting and more people showed up than I expected. I was very pleased that Jean Barnard came out for the meeting and it's also good to know that she lives nearby. I should give her a call and get together with her sometime, help her search her house for SFOHA stuff. :)

I also went to the Book Discussion of American Gods. Couldn't find my own copy, but Janann didn't make it anyway, so that was okay. Chad and Jean and Howard went, and BJ and his wife Paula were there, and Rikhei showed up having walked there from the dorm! I took Stitch along and he was admittedly distracting but he was also very cute and fun to have around. We discovered a few of us had read things differently (esp. as per the ifrit cab driver story and whether or not the man who meets him is transformed into an ifrit), and Chad realized that the Sheriif character in the town by the lake is named after Chad Mulligan, the sociologist author in John Brunner's Stand on Zanzibar. Which would actually make a really good choice for a future book discussion (and one to have the dearborn library get for book club bags, Chad)

after the book discussion I gave Rikhei a ride home and went home. Bill had already claimed the couch for a nap so I poked around the house slowly, with lots of breaks for sitting watching TV. I emptied the dishwasher and refilled it, put away stuff from the meeting, mixed up a batch of biscuits and made dinner, then woke up Bill. He was very pleased by the biscuits, which I enjoed as well. He lit the little lamp for dinner and we had a nice visit. Then we laid down and watched Housesitter, which I like too much to fall asleep to it, but watching it was good too. Today I've already upt the garbage and recyclables out, washed the bathtub and finished sorting through the mail from when I was gone. On to doing some bills...

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