Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Dancing the night away

Last night I had a lot of fun going to the Necto with novaspyche to help celebrate the birthday of brendand, who showed up maybe half an hour after we got there.

I had not been to the Necto in ages. Brendan had told us it was black party night, so we were, of course, dressed in black. I dressed in a witchy sort of long skirt that rides at the hips instead of the waist, with a stretch top that's a short sleeveless mock turtleneck. So my midrift was showing, which made it fun to do the kind of dancing that has my abs a bit sore this morning.

The Necto has improved substantially since I was a teenager. They have extended it in laberynthine fashion down the back of the building and into the basement, with a pause at ground level where the building opens up out the back to an enclosed courtyard so you can get a drink at the bar and look up at the stars, get some fresh air and take a break from the loud music (this area has its own music, but it's not very loud). Down in the basement they have the restrooms and a room for lockers where you can stash stuff for three quarters (I kept my purse on, which came in handy later when I got a bottle of water and could keep it in there). Further down the rabbit hole is the red room, which was my favorite room of the evening. A huge fan blows down on a small dance floor in a room surrounded by Tv screens, with a small bar in the corner. They play music videos (or moir and other visual effects when they don't have a video) to go with the music they play, and I was delighted. I'm a girl who missed most of the heyday when MTV and even VH1 actually played music videos most of the time. I love music videos. And a lot of the music the DJ was playing was 80s music, so I actually knew it.

Even the top level of the club is much improved, with sound barrier acrylic between the dance area and the bar, and little velvetine booths around the mid-level. This dance floor is the loudest music space in the club, and we ended the evening there, dancing with Brendan, Brendan's friend Chris and his companion, Gypsy. I always tend to forget how smoky bars can be, but it didn't bother me that much, and overall I had a great time and was glad I went. Hey, I even got some exercise. :)

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