Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Home from Toronto...

The trip to toronto was pretty good, although I forgot my book and ended up watching too much stupid cable TV in my hotel room and being tired the whole time. And that's despite taking a nap friday night while waiting for Hanan and Ossama to make it to the hotel through holiday weekend traffic.

I didn't sleep very well. Friday morning I woke up from a dream that Bill had just left the room with a maid, referring to me as something like an innocent boob. In the dream I went out the door after them to try to find out what was going on, but then I woke up.

The conference went pretty well, I guess. There was a lot of interest in my polar star display, and both posters got a fair bit of attention while they were up today. the first night I was there I went to bed fighting the return of a lot of the bitterness from three years of resenting my old supervisor, but that didn't bother me too much, later on.

Hanan and Ossama and I did get together for dinner, with their daughter Sarah - they picked me up and we went to a middle easterm place called Jerusalem. Hanan has a recipe for pita bread I need to ask her for.

On Friday it also occurred to me to talk to the people at the Wiley booth at the exhibition hall about getting a job as a freelance editor. They gave me contact info for the appropriate person.

I didn't get out to see much of Toronto, and I didn't see the Queen of England, but she was staying at our hotel the first night I was there.

On the way home today I stopped for a nice hour-long visit with Jody and Karen and little Eric. Jody's parents were also there. the kitchen is all torn up with remodelling, and has the first layer of a new ochre colored paint on the walls. It looks much larger. They're going to get wood flooring put in too. I got some cute pictures and held Eric for a bit just before I left. He's started calling both Jody and Karen "momma" ... I headed on with a stop at the Flying J and met Jeff in Sarnia for a nice dinner. Well, the company was the best part of the dinner, but the food was not bad, really. the vegetables were at least almost perfectly cooked. The salmon was good.

As I drove through the Detroit Metro area it occurred to me I was probably coming home to an empty house. That was kind of a downer. I got home and sure enough, Bill is still off someplace with Eric. He left me a nice note, but it's still a bit lonely. I hooked up my computer but most of my email was spam, other than some distressed SFOHA people who were feeling unsure about the meeting tomorrow because I'd failed to respond to an email sent late thursday night. I guess I do usually respond very quickly, but I wasn't getting internet at the Royal York (though I could have for a fee). Hopefully everything will turn out. I've spent some time unpacking and I'm very tired so I don't think I can stay up anymore (hoping Bill will get home soon). Hopefully the highschool kids hanging out in the street won't keep me up.

Good night, good people.

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