Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Clearing out

I love that Brendan actually seemed to believe me when I claimed that while I was packing up the ink jet printer for Chuck and clearing out some of my office to get a box for that, I was *actually* still cleaning the living room. Well, I was!

It's almost time for bed and I still don't have the hiking stuff moved up to the guest room, butI have made progress, and I *did* get the mail mostly processed and all the way off of the living room floor, so I can vaccuum. Part of this productivity is inspired by having made a google spreadsheet To Do list today (consisting, in fact, of many different sheets: Home Projects, Around House, Gifts and things, Vacation Ideas, Writing (also a place for ideas), Dems (Democrats), Penguicon, SFOHA, AASFA, Work, SF Contracting, Things on Loan, and Other. There's only one thing in Other because I kept creating new categories. Things on Loan might ought to be its own separate spreadsheet, I don't know. An interesting point was when I found my Uncle Bonsai CDs, in the box with the wedding photos, interestingly enough just weeks after Chad helpfully made me a compilation CD because I'd been missing mine for years and had finally asked him about it. Such is life.

Anyway, if anyone would like a Free Bamboo Training staff, let me know. I don't know how good it is. A friend of mine made it for me over ten years ago and I've never done much of anything with it. It's split bamboo, held together with leather, like a Katana. Shorter than I am tall - Maybe 5 feet long? not sure. I am not of a mind to keep it any longer.

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