Anne (netmouse) wrote,

in Mass and having a good time

Had lots of fun roaming around Northwest Massachusettes yesterday with Geri and Bill. Met Bill at the base of the Monument on the top of Mount Greylock right on time at 2 pm. :)

We made a stop to get some Hylant milk, went to the MoCA (mass. museum of contemporary art) and all found things we enjoyed, and took highway 2 back to the freeway, with a delightful stop to see Salmon Falls (with Glacial Potholes! --which are holes in the rock, if you're wondering. very pretty. We walked the flower bridge to go have a snack at a neat little deli and market that was recommended to us by a local who smile at Bill is passing as he was gesturing to his stomach and so found herself consulted on the topic of where to go for pastry-type things. Nice cheeses, too.

Geri's house is nearly as wonderful and comfortable as she is, and Bill and I have already gotten in some good visiting time, and it's not even breakfast yet! Good smells are in the air though, and I should go help. Just getting a quick Internet fix. interesting to sit at Geri's iMac and realize how very long it's been since I used a mac regularly.

speaking of technology, I liked this quote from Neil Gamain's journal this morning:

I like my technology to be transparent, and like my instruction manuals best when accidentally thrown away

I quite agree.
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