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Bill would be proud of me

(I think. At least so long as I didn't push past the point where "I'm proud of you." changes to "It's about time.")

Anyway, I had a productive evening, so far. I stopped on the way home from work and

  1. stopped at the hand car wash and washed my car.
  2. made a needed stop at the drugstore to refill a prescription and also remembered to get some non-prescription items I've been out of or low on.
  3. stopped in at Murray's Auto parts and got new windshield wiper blades and, yes, just as Bill promised, they put them on for me.
  4. renewed the motorcycle insurance so Rennie will continue to be riding legally on the road.
  5. posted a few of Bill's latest round of pictures on his journal.
  6. put on the replacement trim strip that Bill picked up at the dealer for me months ago when mine got removed, presumably by another car in the parking lot.

Bill felt the dealer's fees for doing that last were outrageous, so he bought the supplies (tape and adhesive remover, in addition to the plastic trim strip) and then it all sat in the living room, until it moved to the den, and then tonight I was determined. It took determination too, and I should have started f) before d) and e) because I was pushing dark and well into being eaten alive by mosquitoes by the time I got to the "press firmly to car" part of the procedure. But now I know how to remove an old adhesive strip with a screwdriver and adhesive remover. I don't know how to open the funny two-step top that the 3M adhesive remover had on it, but the screwdriver came in handy for that too (I just pounded a hole through the metal sealer under the cap, I'm a bit embarrassed to say. I'm sure there was a better way but I wanted to do this today). I sure hope the new trim strip stays on.

I was planning to patch the paint too, with the little bottle of matching-my-car paint that I got from the dealer last year, but like I said, it got dark, and the bugs were hungry. I might get to that tomorrow.

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