Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Write-in campaign for Precinct Delegate

I am running for the most elementary elected position in the Democratic Party: Precinct Delegate. A precinct is not a very large territory. Ours is perhaps 15 city blocks, from about Pauline to Liberty, 5th St. to Stadium. It's Ward 5, Precinct 6, and two precinct delegates can be elected this year. Delegates will go to the state party convention to represent their precinct and also participate in other organizational and decision-making responsibilities throughout the year.

Unfortunately, I didn't make this decision until after the deadline to get on the Ballot. Hopefully I can get enough write-in votes in the primary to get the position anyway. My fellow candidate, Dennis Tokarski, is campaigning for both of us in the Eastern half of the precinct, and I'm campaigning for both of us in the Western half. Brendan has agreed to spend some time on Tuesday, August 8 at the Polls with a sign. I guess I should get one printed (Matt, can you design a sign for me? Just something simple like Write in Anne Murphy for Precinct Delegate, size to be held or put on a post in a lawn- I guess around 2 ft wide).

I've written up a simple sort of campaign statement and posted it at

Dennis doesn't think it should take that many votes to make it, since not that many people vote in the primaries. There is another fellow on the ballot, who has the advantage of just having his name there. Niraj is a UAW lawyer and seems like a very nice fellow but he views it as a sort of maverick thing to try to change the state party platform and Dennis and I have change on our minds. So I hope people will vote for me. If you're not in my precinct, you can't, so don't worry about it. Just think good thoughts in my general direction next Tuesday. I mean, it couldn't hurt. :)

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