Anne (netmouse) wrote,

The weekend trip was quite lovely -
visited with a bunch of nice people at Tami's wedding, (including many
grinnellians), and then went walking in the walker sculpture garden and went
on to have a lovely time at Jordan's birthday party (played Apples to Apples, had mulled Cider, ate lots of hot dogs from the Grill). Sunday Jordan joined
us for a couple hours' walk around the Mall of America (it has 500 shops and an amusement park in the middle.. Bill had never been there. It's certainly
something to see once). We got me a stuffed Stitch from Lilo and Stitch at the Disney store. I'd been wanting one ever since I saw Geri Sullivan's at ConJose. He looks like he wants a hug and makes me laugh or smile just about every time I look at him. Mine is nicknamed "Snitch".

We made the plane with lots of time to spare and got home not too tired (well,
Bill was really tired but I was in pretty good shape). I had a headache for a while when we were traveling but thankfully it cleared.

It was cold in Minneapolis and now it's cold here too. They say it's supposed to frost tonight. Have to pick the tomatos and bring the houseplants in. Already brought in the christmas cactus, the ficus, the moss roses, as well as the christmas plant whose name I have a hard time remembering.

I am behind working on my posters -got no work done this weekend; even the time I stayed up last night was spent on the jigsaw puzzle and dinner instead of the posters. hard to concentrate.

I have one nearly finished and the other well begun, but I had told Dan I would try to have both to him by 11 this morning.

I have corrected my Birthday Calendar; Jordan's birthday is the 5th, not the 6th. And Cory's is the 8th and Loki's is the 10th. Happy birthday soon, Loki!

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