Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Gods and Monsters: at the Michigan Theater on Sunday at 6:30

Sunday, July 23 at 6:30

Presented by the 25 Films from the Sundance Film Festival Series

Seasoned with multiple flashbacks to the sets of his films and to the
battlefield, Bill Condon's GODS AND MONSTERS is a haunting and
touching look at the life of James Whale, the director of FRANKENSTEIN
who was at the top of the Hollywood hierarchy but soon found himself
out of favor - and the offbeat friendship he formed in his final days.
Stars Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser. Rated R. 105 minutes. 1998.

Who wants to go?

Oh, and the Michigan Theater now has a google calendar. If you subscribe to google calendar, click on the button on the sidebar of their schedule page to subscribe.
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