Anne (netmouse) wrote,

My friend, the superhero...

There's a new reality show, Who Wants to Be a Superhero? and one of my college friends is in it. Matt Atherton was a year ahead of me at Grinnell. His "personal highlights" on our alumni directory reads:

At Grinnell, I was known to many students as Spider-Man. After Grinnell, I was a Spider-Man for Marvel Entertainment. Now, I'm trying to be a real super hero by being actively involved in the community and by being a good husband.

He's not kidding, either, about the "at Grinnell" part. He made himself an awesome Spidey costume and would come to meals in character on occasion (at some of those times, he might be attacked by scorpion, or a gorilla), scale buildings at student orientation, and Bill helped with the computerized credits for the short film Matt made where he rented a crane to swing him around downtown Grinnell for true Spider-man action.

And now, he's getting another chance at being a different kind of superhero: Feedback.

Matt was a fellow User Consultant while at Grinnell, and one the the programmer types. (User Consultants staffed the computer labs and helped with computer problems. Those of us who worked in the mathlan also assisted Math and Computer Science students). He was going to teach me how to do backflips, but then he busted up his leg jumping off a roof for a spider-man special effect (missed the matts on the ground). I'm glad he's recovered from that injury and I wish him the best of luck in this latest super adventure.

And if anyone gets the SciFi channel, um, can we talk? I'd like to see Matt on this show...

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