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Zer Netmouse
October 4th, 2002
03:43 pm


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Yesterday very busy then stayed up very late with Bill and Mary, discussing philosophy and ethics and doing my new Escher jigsaw puzzle. We finished the edge and most of the lizards, and one book.

Today on and off busy. Packed for the trip to Minneapolis. Will be attending Tami's wedding in the morning, with a lunch reception, then to Jordan and Dave's to celebrate Jordan's birthday, with a stop at the sculpture garden to visit the large cherry and spoon (I hope we might go inside, too).

Sunday we might be taking Jordan out for brunch since it seems her Dave has to give a presentation somewhere and it is properly her birthday. I don't suppose someone can recommend someplace to eat brunch or lunch?

flight home's at 2-something so an earlier meal would be better.

talked to my mom for a long time and she insisted on giving me the number of my sister's friend Cyndi, who is living in St. Paul. I feel weird pressure now to call Cyndi, even though I'll be too busy to visit many of my own friends in the city. erg. *tries to shake that feeling off*.

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Date:October 4th, 2002 01:08 pm (UTC)
Bruce and Karen's Hugo-nominated Minneapolis restaurant guide is available online. I'm sure you can get a good brunch recommendation out of it.

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Date:October 5th, 2002 09:41 am (UTC)
If you eat in South Minneapolis, you'll be 10-25 minutes from the airport. There's plenty of choices along Nicollet Ave. for lunches, especially Asian and Mexican and Middle Eastern and Greek.

A wonderful breakfast place not more than 20 minutes from the airport is the Original Pancake House in Edina. Always crowded, so leave time, and they have call-ahead seating. There's hotel brunches of varying quality closer to the airport; call from the phone once you're in town to track one of these down.

Karen. [or your friends may have local favorites]
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Date:October 9th, 2002 10:16 am (UTC)
Thanks for the suggestions. We ended up not having time for a sit-down brunch after all, since Jordan only had a couple hours and they were at between-meal times once we all got up and moving and she dropped Dave off at a presentation he was making.

Seems like we always end up trying to fit in more things than there's time for. I was talking to my mom this morning about maybe getting together with her for lunch amidst all the other things I need to do before I leave for a conference tomorrow. She was too busy heading up north to support her brother during his divorce and I commented that if I stopped and thought for a few minutes I would probably realize I was too busy too. "Well, I guess so!" said my mom.
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