Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Clearing my desk... quotes from David Warner

"For Warfighting, I think we're doing really good.
For War ending we have a ways to go."

"Social Challenges are
harder problems
than technical ones."

"If you want people to get along that don't normally get along, put 'em in a harsh environment and yell at 'em."

The future went that way... sir

(More images archived here.)

Also wanted to record his comment following on shadowing the 1st DARPA Grand Challenge that when they needed help there, they worked with the ham radio folks - they know the environment better than anyone.

He also did a shadow exercize at Burning Man, where they used walky talkies to maintain communications - his group is expert at providing coms (including visual representations of data to distribute info without taking up bandwidth on the audio coms) for really cheap. Addressing the Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, he said "you have no capacity to assimilate what we're using."
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