Anne (netmouse) wrote,

meme: Support the experience economy: send skzbrust $2

Please join me in convincing a stubborn Hungarian who is also a fabulous author (Steven Brust) to start accepting paypal donations on his website.

1. (optional) read the explanation of the reason/philosophy behind this:

2. If you have a paypal account, Paypal $2 (or more) to skzb -@- (take out the spaces and the dashes to use as an email address)
Note: please use the subject line "So there..." (feel free to add your own comment).

3. post this to your journal with a comment about Brust or his work.

My Comment:

I have known Steven personally since sometime in the mid 90s. At the time I met him I had read everything he'd written to date, except for The Sun, The Moon and The Stars, which I have since discovered is fabulous. My favorite book of his is Jhereg. The first night we met we stayed up all night at a Minicon music party, making music.

I hope to go on making music with you for many years, my dear and stubborn friend. So there.
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