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Mom stopped by yesterday and we went for a walk through the woods, around the corner of Eberwhite's playing field, and into the small park south of there. it's a lovely park. I ought to try and remember it for picnics.

We sat there for a bit and she told me about their trip north to uncle Tom's cabin. I have these vivid images of the place in my head, with which I illustrated what she told me, but honestly I haven't been there for years and it could be completely different.

when we got home we talked some more and she smoked a cigarette out on the porch - I should have eaten, 'cause later while we were battling moths my hands were shaking badly and I got upset about it to the point of tears. Then I ate a sandwich.

she encouraged me to give myself permission to do things that were driving me crazy, so after she left and after I finally called the Sheraton and Campus Inn and our mortgage company, I got the ladder out and cleared the cobwebs away from the kitchen window, washed the outside of the window. There was a big brown spider in one of the cobwebs but it fell when I brushed off the web with an empty paper towel tube, and where it landed it didn't move so I'm thinking it was already dead. It's nice to have the window clean. When Bill got home I was finishing mowing the lawn. He helped me out by moving the old garage cupola so I can reach the bathroom window to clean it. We should really just take that thing apart and trash and burn it. We haven't had a fire in the fireplace for a long time...

We walked to Taco Bell for dinner - played Cosmic wimpout, which is a dice game, and tried out the new extreme quesadilla. Not as good as a regular quesadilla.

For the later part of the evening we went downtown to catch the release party for Davy Rothbart's Found Magazine #2. Mike Kozura was manning the table, selling stuff. Davy was on the mic when we came in, but he soon gave it over to some fellows doing a rendition of the found song "Your Booty Don't Stop". Mike looked even skinnier than I remembered him. Aimee McDonald was there too - she helped pull baseball cards out of the hat as Davy raffled off some found stuff (a pair of skatchers, a container of helium) and some found magazine stuff (a first edition Found #1, CDs, movies, "people cards" (not famous people, just people), T-shirts, etc.) whoever had the matching baseball card in their hand won the thing. Mike won one of the re-release editions of found magazine #1 and gave it to me. Davy saw me by the table and got me involved helping to hand things up to the mic for auction.
After the auction, we went up to say hi. Davy is planning to go all over the country on this release tour. Aimee told us about all her travels to Dublin (she goes there so often now she maintains a phone there) and she also told us the towels she bought for our wedding did not completely disappear, they're just at her mother's house. She commented on how involving her mother in any procedure complicates things and I took her shoulders and said "I know what you mean!" We shared a couple amused looks about that one. Davy and Mike both seemed pleased to meet Bill, and said congratulations to us. Mike complimented me, telling Bill something like "you've got a great woman there" which was nice of him.

We only really stayed about a half an hour, but I was glad we went. On the way back to the car we stopped at Borders. We picked out a book of Escher and a book about breasts on the bargain table and then went inside. Bill got lost looking for things about game theory and I sat down and read the first two stories in Carol Emshwiller's Report to the Men's Club & Other Stories. Though the characters in the two stories were very different, the tones of the two first-person narratives felt very similar, which was disappointing. The ideas were interesting but the characters were fairly one-dimensional. I might read the rest of the book sometime, but I decided not to buy it. We read a little back home and went to sleep. A pretty good day.

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