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Zer Netmouse
July 5th, 2006
04:05 pm


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Word from Bill
murphyw just called, first I'd heard from him since last Monday. He's in Monson and he got my package, and he's looking forward to the all-you-can-eat dinner because he missed the food drop which was supposed to resupply him halfway through the 100-mile wilderness - just was looking for a bridge at a logging road and realized later he'd passed a logging road near a bridge and he decided not to turn back, he says. So I guess he got pretty hungry near the end, but I'll hear more about it when he calls again this evening after the all-you-can-eat dinner.

I had said that I didn't expect to hear from him for at least ten days and I would not officially start worrying until Saturday, but I'm awful glad to hear from him today.

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