Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Bill back on the AT

Just a quick post to confirm, for those of you trying to keep track, that murphyw headed to Maine yesterday to start his MeGa (Maine to Georgia) attempt to do the rest of the AT. He is going Southbound (SoBo) this time around because a) if he tried to re-start where he left off, he wouldn't have time to get to Katadin before they close it due to weather in October and b) if he started back in Virginia he'd also be nearly alone, since his trail group is now two months ahead of him as are most Northbounders, whereas most of the Southbounders start in late June/early July (now, in other words).

I'm hoping he'll hook up with another great trail family. His trail family from his northbound month is really terrific and has kept in touch with him in the interim. He's really looking forward to crossing paths with them in a month or two. We're also hoping (knock on wood) that he won't re-injury his foot or suffer any other injury.

Last night he left a message that he was probably hiking up Katadin *today* to avoid approaching inclement weather, and then he'll camp in Baxter State Park tonight and head further south from there tomorrow (unless he needs a rest).

He should reach Masachusettes in mid-to-late August and might hit the Appalachian Trail train stop that takes him into New York in early September. I'll see him next at one or the other, depending how schedules sync up. (Geri Sullivan sweetly invited us to her place when he's in the neighborhood, but we need to see when that falls and whether or not that will still work for her when the time comes.)

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