Anne (netmouse) wrote,


I've not had much time online this week. I've suffered a bit of net withdrawal, but it hasn't been that bad of a thing, really.

I had a really nice visit with Caro and Erik in Seattle, and was please to see Blade and Eleri at their house as well. I went from Seattle to San Diego, or really to Coronado, where I stayed with my Aunt Pam (my dad's sister) and attended a conference on command and control research and technology. While in the San Diego area I also had lunch with Bill's Aunt PJ and some cousins, and had dinner with my brother and visited with his family, all except for Zach, who is headed back to Iraq. It was really nice to spend a few days with my aunt. We had an especially nice and relaxed final evening together, and I was pleased to pack a lunch for today of leftovers from a fabolous roasted chicken pesto pasta with lemon juice.

The most exciting thing I did at the conference was meet Dr. Dave Warner, a Neuroscientist with math and physics training who's doing wicked cool things with 3d logistical imaging for control centers and other places where multiple people are trying to coordinate efforts based on shared information. See for more info. David is my type of person, someone who both thinks and does on many fronts and topics, and does so quickly and with insight. I'm going to nominate him as a scientist guest for an upcoming con, though he may be too busy to attend. He is also the director of MindTel.

Just had a wonderful dinner with Bill at the Singerman's Roadhouse. It's gotten better since we first tried it. Very happy to be home.

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