Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Show tonight, Balticon in a few weeks

Monkey Rampant, Tonight - show starts at 8 witht he stand-up comics, followed by Monkey Rampant. Come Laugh at me! I mean, us!
Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, on Liberty in Ann Arbor. cover is just $5.

-- the comedy showcase is going dark on Wednesdays for the summer while the students away, so May is your last chance to catch us! come tonight, or next week (I won't be in the show next week, but there will be one,) and DON'T MISS the show May 31st! It will be big and hilarious and great.

After that, our shows will be less regular over the summer. I'll keep you posted.

I have confirmed plans to attend Balticon, and am now staff. Am now, in fact, Neil Gaiman's Con Assistant, because the Fabulous Lorraine asked me to, and, well, yes, I do find her irresistible (in more than one sense of the word.) Besides, assisting Neil is always a delight and in this case most likely includes hanging out with Lisa Snellings, Gene Wolfe, and Peter Beagle. I'm geeked.

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