Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Getting stuff done...

okay, the MoonBase ConFusion Web Site V 2.0 has been posted. It's slim but fairly useful at the same time.

This evening I also got in a nice visit with my mom (it's her birthday) and got very near to complete on the Penguicon Guest of Honor gift baskets. Shopped around and even put them together. Brendan will take the gift baskets to the hotel tomorrow. I'm pleased with them and hope the guests will like them. Most of the contents are either from The Peaceable Kingdom (Burts Bees stuff) or Four Seasons produce market (imported foodstuffs, chocolates, etc.) plus a couple other little things. Baskets were donated by me and my mom.

Brendan and I had a nice dinner together... and then I finished the website. All in all a less stressful evening than I was anticipating. Downright satisfying... :)

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