Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So in case anyone is wondering...

I am *not* performing tonight with Monkey Rampant. I was going to, but this back injury stopped that. My first performance with them will likely be May 3rd.

I *will* be performing as Buffy on Friday, at Penguicon, at 11 pm. My housemate Laura will be taking the role of Tara - those of you who also expressed an interest, thank you, but since Laura had access to the DVD, a coach (Geoff-- you rock!), and, um, me to practice with, we went with that idea. Besides, it ensures that Laura is coming to the con. :)

mishamish, please still come to rehearsal at 8 pm in Ren C - I spoke to Cindy and we have a number of fun roles you could take.

David, Do come to be the horned Demon.

And does anyone have a yellow jacket for a guy? I'm not sure if Ken has his vampire costume...
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