Anne (netmouse) wrote,

helpful Aphorisms for the terminally busy

The other day matt_arnold came to a SFOHA meeting (Look Ma! I updated the website!) and after a discussion of audio file types and recording straight to MP3 vs capturing a less lossy .wav or tape recording first, he commented to me that Mp3 may be a bit lossy in comparison, but an MP3 up on the web where thousands can see it is better than a recording on tape in an archive somewhere any day. And he suggested this rule:

Perfect is the enemy of Good

I mentioned this suggested aphorism to my father, who is a design engineer, and he responded with a slightly less absolute one they use in his shop:

Better is the enemy of Good Enough

These all remind me of the saying that floated around the shop when I was doing technical theater for the summer reperatory program at the University of Findlay (often said to me, then a Physics major, following the phrase "This ain't rocket science"):

Done is Good

So I offer them to you, and myself, as a reminder not to be so worried about getting something right that you don't get it done at all.

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