May 1st, 2020

Brian and Anne


First thing this morning I went to the bathroom and contemplated my veins.

The main one in the right elbow collapsed during the second colonoscopy of my carcinoid diagnosis. The left elbow one was used for an IV two weeks ago Tuesday but it looked ok today.


I would not have to make them use my hand.

I brushed my teeth, being careful not to swallow toothpaste, got dressed, and headed out the door, ignoring the complaints of our Calico cat, Candy.

Two minutes later I was in the car, heading... heading...

Downhill. Dang it. I got distracted and went the wrong way.

At Rathton I took a left, then a left on George, then back up the hill to Apple Hill medical center. A convenient 3 minute drive from our house, if you go the right way.

Lovely morning. The gracefully landscaped hill beyond the medical center looked like a postcard in the dawning light. Birds were singing. A nurse was asking me questions.

“Have you been tested for Covid-19?”


“Any fever, cough, other symptoms?”


“Do you know where you’re going”

“Yup. To the lab.” I gestured to the lab inside immediately on the left, and was allowed to proceed into the building. A volunteer in the hallway interrupted his crossword puzzle to get me checked in via his tablet, and used his elbow to hit the door open button and admit me to the lab lobby.

There were wide pieces of tape across most of the chairs, but I had been there yesterday and didn’t have to puzzle out the question of where I could sit. I sat in the same chair I sat in yesterday... until my bloodwork request finally showed up in the system, I found out one of my blood tests required an overnight fast, and I went home to do that...

Back this morning, the actual blood draw went quick. A nice lady named Jessica made sure I had not eaten, poked that left vein, filled three tubes of blood, applied some gauze and a bright green 3M wrap to my tiny new wound, and sent me on my way.

Still a beautiful morning.

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