April 7th, 2020

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Don't Go to the Grocery Store for Toilet Paper 

See if you can Order it from a Restaurant or Ask your Boss to Supply It

URGENT: Please contact your favorite large/chain restaurants that are still open, asking them to sell commercial toilet paper rolls in their retail and food delivery service. Start as soon as possible.
I just wrote this to Panera Bread corporate after speaking to a local manager and finding out they are planning to add some commercial food retail like flour and eggs but are not currently planning to sell commercial toilet paper:
"Hi. I am a Systems Analyst from York PA. Please read https://marker.medium.com/what-everyones-getting-wrong-about-the-toilet-paper-shortage-c812e1358fe0
I hope you are aware that, as a Nation-wide restaurant chain, you have the potential to save lives by distributing commercial toilet paper and stopping repeat visits to stores just to seek TP.
Please Please start doing this ASAP. "
You too can contact Panera at https://panera.custhelp.com/app/ask
You can also message Target through their facebook page, If you have any suggestions as to the best ways to contact other institutions that could help with this, post about it in comments.
Our local Panera Bread Manager told me he has already been distributing toilet paper to employees, including the ones currently furloughed. All large employers who order commercial toilet paper should do this as well - if you are working from home please ask your boss/facilities management office to do this today.
We need to remember that our most at-risk members of society are mostly not employed at this point - they are either retired or disabled due to existing health conditions. I saw an old man with an oxygen tank hobble into the grocery store Monday morning, and then later heard him complaining to an associate that they had no toilet paper. Saving citizens like that extra trips to stores could literally save their lives.
Please step up and do your part to protect those people, and ask others to do the same.
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