March 30th, 2020

Brian and Anne

The new normal continues

We had a decent weekend, how about you?

We did a 1,000 piece puzzle, endured dreary rainy days with movies and ice cream (Hellboy, Charlie's Angels; moosetracks for me, vanilla cones for Rosie. I'm not sure what Brian had), plus some zooming with friends.

Today we are zooming all day - Brian recorded his lectures for the morning, I had a meeting at noon, then at 2 we have a test zoom with Rosie's teacher, and at 6 pm a test zoom with TAFE for a workshop Rosie's taking.

Today there was a nice bit of sunshine for a while, and Rosie and I took a screenbreak with an exercise game where we wrote exercises on slips of paper and took turns pulling them out of a purse for the other person to do. Pretty good workout, really. :)

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