February 22nd, 2020

Brian and Anne

What to Do

Every day I wake up and wonder what to do.

Well, not the first things. If I’m good that’s always the same. Water the Cat, take my pills.

After that it’s easy to fall into more of the Mundane. Three loads of laundry today. that sort of thing.

Today the child was away at a sleepover. So after I fed the cats I made my own breakfast and got to read for a bit. A friend’s criticism of the predominant academic pedagogy of anti-racism in rhetoric and composition. I paid $74 for this book from an academic publisher. What a racket. In the Introduction alone there were four major typos and the editor clearly didn’t care whether or not Erec was consistent in his use of ‘dialect’ and ‘grapholect’ when discussing the educational challenge accepted by WEB Du Bois at Harvard.

Lazy bums. Not Erec. His writing is generally quite good. I mean his publishers.

Anyway, I got half an hour to dwell in that world before I had to shower and dress and go pick up the child from Synchro swim practice. I cooked her a second breakfast (scramble eggs muenster and sliced turkey on an english muffin), and started the dishwasher while she ate, then talked her into a nap to recover from short sleep so she would have energy later for her violin lesson and a birthday party.

Then I got another half an hour of waking time before I myself had to have my second breakfast and go down for my nap, after making sure B was up for being the violin bus.

Woke up shortly after 1 and ate leftovers, antibiotics and prednisone for lunch, with lots of water.

Wrapped Rosie’s birthday present for her friend while she took a shower, then sat at my craft table mending the bling on a bedazzled shirt and adding bling on another shirt in kind of a 90’s Devo style, just for the heck of it.

I spent some of the day submitting copy editing invoices, some of it helping prep for dinner, some practicing my caricature drawing skills, and some working on a talk I’ll be giving a group of History writers on March 5th, about how to edit Wikipedia.

I also processed and folded a lot of laundry.

B emptied the dishwasher though. And we cooked dinner together. R and I did some drawing together. My voice is shot and I’m still on and off low grade feverish.

But it was a good day.


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