December 4th, 2014


What I want for my Birthday

I was thinking a bit about what I want for my birthday. Aside from Time to do all the things I keep meaning to get to, world peace, and for cops to stop killing people inappropriately and then lying about it, I want a rotating compost bin, which Brian is making for me, a rain barrel, which is also in the works, a king-size bed, and for my desk chair to stop losing air when I'm away from it (it has a Sitting Ghost, I think).

I'd also like Lego Mindstorms. Or maybe to go back in time and have received Lego technics as a kid. :P

And I'd really love a hoverdrone with automatic follow that can video me and my daughter so a) I'd sometimes show up in pictures and b) I would be able to just be in the moment without bringing out a camera to capture it too.

I always like nifty stationary. And good music to dance to (recommendations of good music to dance to are appreciated as well.)

I have a *lot* of books on my To Read shelf already, but there are still plenty on my Amazon wish list.

But I am also deeply thankful for all that I already have, including a loving, capable, fun, and communicative husband, supportive and loving parents and siblings, terrific friends, and an amazing kiddo.

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It has been a good day. I ate several of my favorite foods (Salmon sushi & sashimi, baloney, chocolate, broccoli, blueberries, ice cream, corn on the cob, and ROASTED CHICKEN!), had fun singing, dancing, and doing a jigsaw puzzle with Rosie, established care with a Chiropractor here in York (I can breathe! Also, I liked him. Yay!), had a nice skype chat with my sister (& Rosie), got my PA Driver's license, and had a lovely lunch AND dinner with my two best friends - Brian and Rosie.  

Miss the rest of you, but I got plenty of nice notes throughout the day. Feel very loved and good.

I took the time for some small tasks that made me happy today, three of which were sewing things - fixing some pulled out/ripped corners of seams on one of my favorite shirts, finishing a hem job on some pants for Rosie, and sewing back closed an opened seam on the pinky toe of my stuffed Stitch.

Thank you again for introducing me to that type of stuffed Stitch, gerisullivan. Not only has he brought me joy and comfort over the years, but now I get to enjoy how my daughter depends on him to protect her from nightmares and monsters at night. Because he's an alien, and he eats monsters for breakfast. :)

I took the patient up to Rosie's bed and got a big hug good night. Almost as good as the HUGE hug she gave me on behalf of my sister at the end of our skype call. And then Brian read her to sleep. Not because it's my birthday, but because it's his turn.

And now I'm all grown up, and even starting to shrink (down to 5' 5 1/2" from 5' 5 3/4"). I am going to celebrate by going to bed early. Because it really is like this: