October 28th, 2014

Big Damn Heroes

Another year, another bio

Looks like Brian and I will likely be appearing on the program at Philcon, assuming at least some of our programming picks and schedule restrictions line up. He had entirely too much fun writing his bio. Sadly, I don't have a copy of it here. Brian, did you save one? Mine is not nearly so colorful.

But I feel like sharing it anyway:
Anne Gray has been a conrunner, Buffy musical episode shadow-play star, MC, TAFF delegate, fan GoH, fanzine editor, and also a semiprofessional science fiction and fantasy reviewer and proofreader. Professionally, she analyzes the cognitive requirements and task flow of command and control systems (computers, robots, submarines, dismounted infantry, etc.), with some website design on the side. On a completely amateur basis she is raising a young curly-top munchkin with the help of the Reverend Doctor Professor Gray. It's hard work having this much fun.