July 16th, 2014

Big Damn Heroes

Some of the Programming at Detcon1 featuring Diversity and Diverse Panelists

Detcon1 starts tomorrow! The whole program is online. I was just reviewing it and wanted to call out some of the programming that I am particularly pleased to see, featuring diverse panelists or discussions of diversity. (Note: Brian will be on Real Geek Girls at 5 PM on Friday and I will be moderating the What's New About Fandom's Diversity? panel at noon on Saturday. We will be attending Friday PM and Saturday and leaving Sunday morning. Then we move our household to York, PA on July 26.) I'm happy to note that this is not even all the panels our panelists of color are doing, just as much as I had time to pull out.

Thanks to everyone who is coming out and taking part, especially Pablo Vasquez, who has helped behind the scenes in the diversity effort, as well as on the Afrofuturism program, and Diana Pho, who interviewed Detcon1 about things we did to promote Diversity on Tor.com, and also Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad, who was on the diversity board and arranged that interview. Special thanks also to Sal Palland, for coming in just when my energy was getting low and putting some joy back into the process - resulting in part in the awesome postcard we made the promote Detcon1 in the Detroit area. Oh, and huge appreciation to John Picacio for being stellar to work with as always, and giving us so much diverse art to work with. Our T-shirt even features a kick-ass female character! I never get T-shirts, but I'm getting this one.

There are more people we hoped to have on the program that sadly had to back out, but I am still pleased to see Collapse )

Hope to see you there!