June 29th, 2014

Big Damn Heroes

Want to host a Jaunt at Detcon1?

We are hoping to arrange a number of casual group activities offsite where a group meets at the RenCen and then walks, takes taxis, or takes the PeopleMover to a destination for an hour or two. The "host" will just be a Michigan or regional local who accompanies the group. You are not expected to play Tour Guide in any way other than helping navigate to and from the RenCen.

One such Jaunt will go to John King Books, for example.

Do you have a similar favorite place you would like to share with other fans? (Possibilities include i3Detroit, the DIA, Eastern market, other museums or historic sites, public art, other shops, etc)

If so, please contact Hilary, preferably in the next few days. Again, the email address is tours@detcon1.org