June 9th, 2014


Rollerskating Rosie

Last night after dinner Rosie wanted to rollerskate "dressed like Elsa" so she changed into a blue dress and her skating gear and rollerskated on the deck, where she did a bit of her dance recital routine _on skates_ for grandma and grandpa. We were impressed. Then she took a turn on the driveway and sidewalk with me and skated in to her bath, as she put it.


This morning she skated to school--from the car to the classroom-- with the help of her friend Lila, as it turned out.

She isn't yet to the stage of pushing off and gliding on alternating feet, but she's gone from only keeping her ballance on a rug to being able to skate on any surface, and sometimes balance on one leg briefly, as she did last night with her dance routine.