February 28th, 2014


Adventures in Ice (and ice melt)

On Monday Rosie had her first swim class at the YMCA. Mom went with us so we could all sign up for memberships together. We pulled up and got a parking spot on the street, which I felt lucky to get since we didn't have access cards for the lot yet.

It turned out to not be so lucky.

A huge puddle had melted in the ice next to the curb, so my right wheels were in that. The left wheels were also on ice, but under the car the ice got much thicker, and suddenly dropped off into the puddle, which was 2-3 inches deep. When I tried to pull out, the left wheel didn't have enough traction to pull the right wheel over that hump, and the car just shimmied forward along the thick ice.

After a few tries I gave up and called my dad. He brought the ice pick, a shovel, some boards, some absorbent gritty stuff (like kitty litter, but cheaper) for traction, and some chains.

(We then sent mom and R home in his minivan)

He used the ice pick (especially the blade edge) to harrow down the middle of the ice and give some slope to the puddle edge, put traction stuff in front of my left front wheel, and dropped the chains into the water in front of my right wheel (I was able to back up a foot away from the edge of the puddle), to give something for that right wheel to climb *up* onto before it hit the ice.

I drove out on the first try.

Then I parked the car and we used traction stuff to make it easier for the other two vehicles parked in the puddle to get out.

'Cause that's how we roll.

We made up some stories about how getting the car out of the puddle and ice was truly Epic, but I thought I might share the unadorned truth. I also plan to get a small metal shovel and some of that traction stuff for my trunk...