June 13th, 2013

laughing Rosie

So.. we moved!

People who keep up with us on FB and in person (gasp) know this, but I just realized I hadn't blogged here about it yet, so yes, we moved, and the move was successful.

The Sunday before Memorial day, Rosie and I flew to Michigan, having a pretty uneventful trip, and then we stayed with mom and dad for slightly more than a week. I had been hoping we would transition to the new house the day after Brian and his friends Chris and Fizz arrived with our stuff on Friday May 31st (how do you sufficiently thank someone for moving your household across the country? Nothing seems enough), but everything was so higglety-pigglety that that wasn't really going to be reasonable. Sunday night (June 2nd) we at least had the bedrooms set up, and most of the kitchen thanks to my mom and a friend of Brian's who had cleaned the cupboards and unpacked things into them, but given the option Rosie said she wanted to go back to Grandma and Grandpa's and I couldn't blame her.

Brian had left that morning for a three-day conference, so we just waited until he got back Tuesday evening, and shifted to the new house that night. As it was, I was up with Rosie until midnight settling her down, but we eventually slept and it was nice to all wake up together in the new place. Brian had the rest of that week off and then started work in the new lab this past Monday, and Rosie's sleep schedule continues to bounce around, so we're still very tired.

But the living room is set up somewhat, with couch and computer desk and some room for Rosie to play (in addition to many stacks of boxes, yet), and we have gotten through the mess of dealing with overflowing gutters on Monday (Brian's first day at his new work started with water in the basement. Yay!) - which was mostly a problem for the landlord to deal with, and they did, but I also hauled around stuff in the basement to mitigate damage (thankfully minimal), and mom and dad arrived later with a dehumidifier to loan us, which helped. Oh, and the Kitchen sink clogged, which was not resolved until 6 pm or so Tuesday. But we got through it.

Thanks to neighborhood sales June 1st and 8th, Rosie's water and sand table, kitchenette, swing, and play equipment w slide (all of which we gave away to friends in NM before the move) have been replaced with a covered sandbox and some additional shovels and rakes and a wheelbarrow, a new kitchenette with many accessories (plastic food, dishes, even an apron), and for now, the park behind the house, though it looks like we will be inheriting a hand-me-down slide and climbing thing soon. She also has a new-to-her toolbench, wagon, easel, and fold-flat kids picnic table, as well as a couple kid-size wooden chairs that she is helping me re-glue, sand down, and repaint.

We still haven't gotten her a real bed - she's sleeping on the same inflatable mattress she was using at Mom and Dad's - but I think we're going to get a nice one made by a former coworker of mine, just as soon as we can line up our schedules and a vehicle that can move it.

We don't have internet at the new house yet, but this is somewhat ameliorated by a free month's trial of hotspot service from our new mobile carrier, Creedo. Creedo resells Sprint, which cripples your phone's ability to act as a hotspot unless you pay more. They also turn off your ability to turn off the shutter sound on the Samsung Galaxy S III phones, which is what we have. That's really annoying. But the hotspot capability means I'm typing this on my laptop, not my phone, which is a relief.

Meanwhile, my iPhone is just about dead, so if you try to reach me via phone and it doesn't work, I'm sorry. Please use email. We will switch our old phone numbers to the new service soon.

Today Rosie and I took a break from unpacking the new house to go to the kids storytime at the Ypsi district library and get a local library card. We ran into friends at the library, which was awesome. We grabbed food at the cafe there and took it for a picnic lunch at one of the parks along the river, where we met a disc golfer who was so impressed by Rosie's efforts to throw one that he gave her one from his extensive collection, which was also awesome. And then our friend Anne Evans went shopping with us to pick out some appropriate plants to add color to the front yard, which was pretty awesome too.

And then Rosie didn't nap. Which was ok. Some days now, she doesn't.

Rosie's really taking the transition quite well so far. Last Thursday night mom and dad came over for dinner, and when they left she was wailing, "I want to go to Grandma and Grandpa's! I want to go HOME!", but yesterday they babysat her at their house while Brian and I went out to the Raven's Club for a delayed anniversary dinner, and she didn't throw up TOO much of a fuss when I insisted on dragging her away to our house afterwards. There's still a lot of chaos, but it's starting to feel like home.

Brian got the sf paperbacks on shelves in the front room. So there's that. ;)

I asked him what he wants for Father's day and his reply was "Empty boxes", so our plan is to drop Rosie off at Mom and dad's in the morning and keep at it for a few hours, and then reconvene with them for dinner. It's quite easy to get used to, this whole having grandparents who are happy to take the kiddo for a while and who live close enough for them to do that.

Other friends I've not mentioned by name have helped us settle in as well, most notably Dustin Wenzel, who is as always fabulous. And now I must go fall over. But yeah. Moved! Yay.