December 27th, 2012

Photographer Anne

Worldcon Membership Rates Going Up in the New Year

The 2013 Worldcon, Lonestarcon 3, has announced that their membership rates will increase on January 1, 2013. Attending memberships will go up from $180 to $200.

During these lazy last days between stuffing yourself and holiday fare and staying up late and getting smashed to ring in the new year, one thing you might want to consider is signing up for a supporting or attending membership.

A supporting membership is currently $60. It can always be upgraded to attending if later you find yourself able to go to San Antonio, TX August 29-September 2 for the annual international gathering of SF pros and fans. In the meantime, a supporting membership gives you the ability to nominate and vote for the Hugo Awards, and in all likelihood Lonestarcon 3 will follow recent tradition and send out a packet of as many of the Hugo nominated works as they can, which is usually more than worth the cost of membership. As a member, you can also vote for where the Worldcon should be held in 2015.

And this year, a membership in the Worldcon gives you the right to vote on where the North American Science Fiction Convention (or NASFiC) will be held in 2014. The NASFiC is held somewhere in North America in years when the Worldcon is elsewhere. The 2014 Worldcon will be in London, August 14-18, 2014. The current bids for the NASFiC are for it to be held in Phoenix, AZ, July 31-Aug 3, or in Detroit, MI, July 17-20, 2014.

If you can't go to London in 2014, and would like to go to the NASFiC instead (or if you want to attend both), this is your chance to help decide where the NASFiC will be. And the cost of that chance is going up in 5 days.

I'm on the bid committee for Detroit in 2014, so I hope you will support us, and if you already support us, I hope you will get at least a supporting membership in Lonestarcon 3, so you can also vote for us. I'm also hoping we'll be able to attend, though, so if you go, maybe we'll see you there!