September 24th, 2012

Brian and Anne

Collecting Box Tops for Education

Rosie's new Preschool, A Child's Garden, collects Box Tops for Education, so if you don't already collect them for a school, we'd love it if you would cut them out and send them to us. I spent some time last night going through our recyclables, collecting the little box top coupons. What I learned:
  • Box Tops for Education is a General Mills term, used by others only through license.
  • Kelloggs doesn't participate, which is not surprising, and neither does Quaker Oats, nor Kroger on store brand stuff.
  • Ziplock does participate, as does Hefty, but Glad apparently has a different program, called Labels for Education. (Does anyone I know have a kid whose school collects those? let me know).
  • Land O' Lakes also participates, as well as Nature Valley. I use those products regularly, so that's good to know.
  • Box Tops for Education coupons have expiration dates. They appear to last up to 2 years.
  • And, from the web, there's a complete list of participating brands on their website.
  • Also from that website, you can earn bonus box tops through online shopping and games and watching ads. Interesting. And they have coupons for some participating products you can print and use. You can choose any school to support.