June 22nd, 2012

Brian and Anne

Life is pretty good.

I'm writing from the guest room at my parents' house in Michigan. Rosie and I have been here a week already. Brian got in last night and is currently snoring away happily on the floor; clearly he will truly appreciate the new mattress that's expected to be delivered today. Rosie is still on New Mexico time and is sleeping as well.

We all have to get up soonish to prepare for the afore-mentioned mattress delivery.

I have had a hard time getting anything planned much ahead of time but taking things one day at a time has worked out pretty nicely so far. Planning is now stepping up though, with Brian in town and getting together with his friends added to the mix. My sister is also planning to come Sunday and then we're all here through July 1st so hopefully we can all stay relaxed about things with a full house and too many possibly conflicting hopes and plans..

I do know this: we'll be at Katy and Rachel's wedding reception this Sunday and the Community High all-school reunion Saturday, June 30 at Delhi park. In between, I plan to be at Top of the Park wednesday night. Join us!

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