May 29th, 2012

curled up


This has been a physically challenging year for me. A few months ago I sprained my ankle. Then I had allergies so bad I lost my voice. Then I had a cold and lost it again (it's almost fully back, but not quite.) somehere in there I sprained my right wrist. Then I sprained my right ankle again, worse. A week later my stomach hurt and my appetite was low so we concluded I was at risk of peptic ulsers so I stopped taking ibuprofen.

(conclusion on my right ankle was microtears in the ligaments. Started physical therapy today.)

Then yesterday, my left knee gave way. It used to do that almot anually but it's been ten years since the last time. Ow.

So today I feel like such a gimp. Rt ankle in a brace. Rt wrist in a brace. Left knee wrapped.

Therapists says as long as I'm breastfeeding, my ligaments will stay loose and I'll be at risk for injury.

In the meantime, well, ow.