November 21st, 2011

laughing Rosie

Reminder: Please Vote for TAFF!

Kim Kofmel, Warren Buff, and Jacq Monahan are our candidates. Fabulous people, all! But who will be the TAFF delegate? It's up to you, fandom!

You can grab a ballot here:

Follow the directions to vote on paper, or paypal me your vote and donation (the minimum donation is just $3!) at to send the fan of your choice to Eastercon next year.

I have to admit, I'm disappointed so far at the level of voting from the Midwest, which is Brian's and my old stomping grounds. If you have already voted, thank you for voting! Everyone Else in the Midwest, I'm looking at *you*.

TAFF is a great program, and we hope you will all consider supporting the fan fund with a donation and your participation, even if you just vote "no preference".

Further reminders:
  • This is ranked voting: please use numbers, rather than an X or check mark, to indicate your vote.
  • If you are not sure one of the current admins will recognize your name, please list an active fan who is not a candidate, nominator, or administrator whom you know and who knows you, that we are more likely to know. Basically, if a person's name appears anywhere on the ballot it should not end up in that "active fan who can vouch for you" space. I'm rather surprised and disappointed how many people get that wrong. The directions are right, there, folks.

    So anyway, please vote! The deadline is December 9th but we welcome earlier voting.

    Also welcome: distributing copies of the ballot at club meetings and other events. We can't be everywhere to hand out ballots personally, so that's another great way you can help. Just please grab a .doc or .rtf copy of the ballot and put your own name at the bottom of the second page before printing and distributing, please, so we can get some idea of how news got around.

    Thank you!