April 7th, 2011

Brian and Anne

Vote for TAFF!

The 2011 TAFF Race is ongoing!

We administrators have collected a fair number of votes for this year's Westbound TAFF but I feel I have not been keeping up my end of things by promoting the race. Brian and Steve have been carrying all the load of record-keeping as people vote, so I figure I should try to get out and ring some bells. Here's me trying!

In the meantime, if you're reading this, are an sf fan, and haven't voted, Please Vote for TAFF!

Candidates are Graham Charnock, John Coxon, Liam Proven, and Paul Treadaway
You can hear interviews with all four candidates in podcast format at http://jimmowatt.blogspot.com/2011/01/pips05-taff-special.html, which are transcribed and in print version at http://efanzines.com/Pips/index.htm

Many thanks to Jim Mowatt for doing those interviews.

Ballots are on the TAFF website at http://www.taff.org.uk (and note you can also vote and donate through paypal).

The voting deadline is midnight GMT on 26 April 2011 (7pm EST; 4pm PST).