September 13th, 2010

Brian and Anne

no pictures, please

no pictures, please
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Rosie is almost 4 weeks old and, as you can see, getting jaded about her fame and popularity. ;)

I have posted a new set of pictures of Rosalind in her 3rd week on flickr. We continue to find her (swiftly changing) facial expressions fascinating. one day I hope to capture her most impressive pout.

Last week I had my first foray out of the house by myself with no baby - Brian kept her and I went to the little seedling to get pacifiers and another nursing bra and to meijer for just a few things. In the hour and a half that /i was gone /i received two texts about how Sanity was being lost and I needed to come back but when I arrived home all was quiet - apparently the breastmilk I'd left in a bottle had actually been *noticed* by the baby's stomach. or else she psychically knew I was on my way back. :) (or Brian told her, after I texted?)

Friday was my first time out of the house with the baby and not Brian. We had big plans to go to the 10-11:30 breastfeeding cafe at the center for the childbearing year and then lunch at mom and dad's, two blocks away. Didn't get to the center until 11, but spent a pleasant half hour, feeding Rosie in the company of others and catching up with one of our Childbirth prep classmates, who happily lives really close to us. Her daughter's just a week older than Rosie so hopefully we'll be able to get together for walks and things.

Today we are heading to the center again soon, for a weekly mother baby support/discussion group.

Enjoy the pictures!