July 23rd, 2010

Brian and Anne

Website updated!

For the first time since November of 2009 (just before I got pregnant! fancy that!) I have updated my website. Originally driven by a need to correct instances of my name and mention certain details like the pregnancy and wedding, this revamp became more than that in order to simplify things and make it more structured.

I have updated the main subpages of my former design, such as the news archive, and some of those pages are linked to from within the new design, while others are currently omitted. I mean to expand the page on Human Factors engineering, and should probably structure the fanac page somehow, but for now, this seems like a good start.

The site includes my current contact info - address, primary phone number, etc. I like to stay listed in the phone directory, so why not on the internet. Hopefully my record of 16 years with my location listed on the net with no stalker issues will continue unabated.

Please let me know what you think, and give me a heads-up if you see any broken links or other issues. Thanks!