June 3rd, 2010

Brian and Anne

What we did over the weekend

Just Brian, Lucy, and Scott
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Over memorial day weekend, possibly *the* most heavily booked sf convention weekend of the year, we were not at a convention, but we were involved with a wonderful gathering of geekly friends. We were busy marrying a couple of our best friends, the couple who introduced *us* to each other, Lucy and Scott.

We were literally busy marrying them, since Brian was their officiant and I gave a reading and helped out in little bits and pieces around the edges as well. This wedding took almost as much of our time in May as our own, since we also attended Scott's bachelor party (and I sat in with KT and Melanie and Carrie for an afternoon in April to help prep for that), and I attended Lucy's bachelorette party, and we met with Scott and Lucy for dinner and to finalize the ceremony plan, and then there was the rehearsal dinner, and finally the wedding. Because these two are as cool as they are, many of those events involved games and they were all very fun and cool and filled with nifty people. We were really honored to be involved and are very happy to share their joy at their partnership, which I foresee being a long and happy one. :)

Here are some pictures from the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Cheers, you two.

Brian and Anne

Nice lunch yesterday

Yesterday I had to take my car in to the shop (metal on metal != good for brakes) on South State and by the time they were done I was a little overdue for lunch so I decided to eat out instead of heading home (partly because I still had to go to the bank. Anyway....)

The cashier at the shop reminded me that The Olive Garden was really nearby, so I went there. It was *really* nice. Everybody there was super friendly (someone is managing that staff right) and the food was tasty. I had chicken and four-cheese stuffed ravioli in a garlic-cream-mushroom sauce, and salad (a new dish).

While I waited to order I watched the family of geese walk around the pond outside, and felt very peaceful. During lunch I mainly read Mary Anne Mohanraj's WisCon GoH speech, which is full of win and also includes some reflections on her pregnancies and raising babies that gave me some things to think about.

I very rarely eat out by myself, but it feels nice to have a treat once in a while. This was definitely a treat. And I had half my entree left over plus lots of breadsticks, which I packed home and gave to Brian for dinner, to share it with him. :)
curled up

Do Not Want: Evening Light-headedness

On Monday my blood pressure clocked in at 84/56. We took it again. 96/54. Definitely lower than normal for me. The comment was that this could be due to dehydration: my blood supply has now increased by 45 to 50%; I need to drink more water.

I'm trying, I really am. In the meantime, every night since then I've started to feel positively woozy, and it's not a sensation that I particularly like. In fact, I don't like it one bit. Moving around more helps. Eating and drinking help but only a little bit. I really feel not-well in this condition. Advice is welcome.