March 9th, 2010

Brian and Anne

Weather was nice today. That counts for a lot.

News of the week: Apparently caught the mouse over the weekend. Stayed over at the Scalzi's Sunday night (boy the Oscars are long...) and when I returned I noticed that a live trap I'd left empty on a shelf was sprung. Unfortunately it went thud, not scitter when I tipped it over. So live trap resulted in dead mouse. *sigh*. Wasn't expecting a mouse in that trap since it was empty. The mouse had previously stolen a nut out of that same trap without getting caught, which caused us to consider it very clever and not bait the trap again. Maybe it cleverly checked back to see if there was another nut and got stuck. Clever + cocky = dead mouse. Which is sad.

still, not having to think about this mouse getting into food is nice.

Am continuing with The Great Sort of clothes, papers, and other stuff around the house. Interesting to consider the question of What I Particularly Want In The Next Year and what can go into deep storage. Trying to get rid of stuff I don't at least wonder if I'll want within the year. Not getting as much done as I might without two naps a day but trying to take it easy and not stress and just keep chugging.

Brian was slated to come down tonight but now has a memorial to go to on Thursday morning for a co-worker (younger than him, I believe) who unexpectedly died Sunday night. I suggested he stay down and spend some time tomorrow on prep for our TAFF trip, which starts in just a week. (eek!)

In my own prep for the trip today I performed surgery on a wool poncho with a fancy high knit neck thing that always bothered me, transforming it to just a wool poncho. Not completely sure I'll bring it on the trip but it's sort of perfect for keeping off light rain and it doesn't care if my belly gets bigger, unlike the jacket I've been wearing, which is getting hard to button. Also treated myself to a haircut at a local salon today. It's been needing a trim for months, so it's nice to finally get the broken dried ends taken off. Having someone wash and futz with your hair is nice too, and she actually left it damp and curly to finish! Usually they comb and blow dry it out, which looks awful and means I can't see how it's really going to look until I next wash it. Big tip from me for that.