Anne (netmouse) wrote,

got a long list of things to do, backed up on everything, it seems.

Hotel shopping was disappointing. Hopefully the campus inn will have a well-timed cancelation that lets us in there.

last night went and got my car, then took the prius for a test drive. I kind of like it, but it's an automatic, which is too bad. but they did have two silver used ones. might go back and test-drive a corolla but main reason for liking the prius is the mileage and super ultra low emmissions, which the corolla doesn't have. still need to go test drive a ford and volvo.

this morning I spent a bunch of time reorganizing our pantry since we pulled a lot of stuff out of it already, battling the moths. Set up all the liquor on a lowered shelf with some glassess like a wet bar, as per Bill's suggestion. I think we will find it handier and hopefully guests will feel more welcome to serve themselves.

then I spent a bunch of time online, considering midfan bylaws and working on the stilyagi web page. took a shower very late, now really really need to eat something. Grocery shopping later. life is so exciting! no really, it's better than that.

Bill and I had some nice together time yesterday evening. That was a goodness. The weekend will be busy with other people.

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