June 8th, 2009

Brian and Anne

Tiptree winner Nisi Shawl interviewed at Fantasy magazine

Interview of Nisi by Eileen Gunn.

Nisi comments that the Motherboard agreed to give her pie not chocolate with her award because chocolate gives her migraines.

Particularly of note for me since I saw Nisi carrying around that pie the whole evening after the awards, giving pieces to people like Eileen - in fact, I held that pie for her! Twice! It's like... like, I have been a part of history. ;)

Brian and Anne

Question meme

"The problem with Livejournal is that we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. Hence, I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you."

I don't think I posted this when it came around a while ago, but I have some new friends recently, so maybe this will be helpful. please have at. I will make a diligent attempt to answer all questions.