February 8th, 2009

Brian and Anne

Upcoming Conventions

It looks as though I will be on the program at Millennicon, in Cincinnati March 20-22, which I will go to having just returned from attending the Human Systems Integration Symposium in Maryland for work.

I might also be attending Ad Astra March 27-29, but I'm not quite decided. Toronto is a long way from Dayton and I will have traveled a lot the previous week. It pretty much depends on what further travel I do for work in March.

In May (1-3) I am planning to be at Penguicon 7.0, where we will all have the opportunity to hang with my fellow sci-foo-er Jane McGonigal and supposedly meet Wil Wheaton (I'll believe it when I see it ;) ). Oh, and Spider Robinson will be there, which will be great too. Now the question is whether or not they'll have a fireplace with a chalk line before it and glasses to throw in it...

After Penguicon I don't have any conventions planned until August 6-10, when I will be serving as a Guest of Honor Liaison for Anticipation, the next World Science Fiction Convention, in Montreal. A group of us look to be throwing a "Michigan Conventions" party at Anticipation, so let me know if you want to help with that.

Speaking of Worldcons, as Scalzi has mentioned and many others have posted, the Seattle bid for the 2011 Worldcon has withdrawn due to not being able to secure their preferred facilities. This leaves the only other serious bid for 2011, Reno in 2011, a not-necessarily-sure-but-pretty-damn-likely bet for the Worldcon hosts that year. I for one am pleased. I've been to Seattle a number of times but I've never been to Reno, and Kevin Standlee has pretty much convinced me I need to check out the train museum there. Furthermore I met a number of people at the 2007 Smofcon from the Reno bid who impressed me a lot, which combined with the long-time friends I have on the bid leaves me little doubt that a) the worldcon in Reno is going to be a lot of fun and b) I'm likely going to not only attend but also help run the thing. (Like you do.)

Well, like you do if you're me.

I've run down the list of Things I've done Before on Cons and suspect that for Reno I might try to get involved with the Art Show, since I have not yet worked one of those, and I have Ideas for how it should integrate with the web site...

Post Anticipation I am hoping to attend the annual meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, in San Antonio, Texas, October 19-23. Again depending on work travel, there's a chance I will make it to the World Fantasy convention in San Jose October 29-Nov 1, but that's impossible to predict at this time.

ETA: I forgot to mention I'm thinking of going to Midwestcon June 26-29th in Cincinnati. And smofcon December 4-6 in Austin.