January 16th, 2009

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According to the NRDC, "the Bush Administration has stripped wolves in Idaho and Montana of their Endangered Species protection" again. (they did it last spring and got stopped by a federal court). I'm sick and tired of the interests of ranchers being put above the survival of this endangered community of animals who've already had their territory horribly reduced and broken up (despite the fact that, according to the Northern Rockies Wolf Collaborative wolves kill fewer ranch livestock than dogs do each year). You can help by supporting the NRDC, which along with other groups is protesting in court. Again.

background article from the Washington Post.

Of course, hopefully they only have to keep the legal battle going long enough for Obama to take the reins but the new administration has a lot to do and we can't expect them to be an instant cure-all for Bushocities (atrocities that come from Bush).
Big Damn Heroes

Artists Alley! Amazing Authors! Steampunk Costuming! Wheeeeee!

Did you know we're doing an Artist Alley this year? Stop by Saturday 11 am - 6pm to talk one-on-one with artists. Artists participating in that and the art show as a whole are now listed here

The Masquerade is having a special Steampunk category and all contestants will get a special steampunk gear charm made by local bead and tile artist Melanie Brooks! Costumers should check out her LJ, earthenwood, for steampunk inspiration.

gear charms!

We also have short bios of many of the authors who will be on programming up on the web and the programs for gaming and the b-movie rooms are posted via google calendar here (scroll to the bottom) and here.

The Dealer's room is scheduled to open at 3 pm Friday and Gaming demos start at 4, so there will be something to do right away whenever you get to ConFusion.

We're sorry we don't have the whole program posted yet. We promise to have it online by Monday night at the latest. But check out the front page of the web site for exciting announcements.

Don't forget that you'll be able to nominate Guests of Honor for 2011 at ConFusion, so before you come out take a look at your bookshelves, fanzines, and old convention programs, and think about what authors, artists, scientists and fans you'd love to see on our docket two years from now - the sky's the limit!


--Anne Murphy,
ConFusion ConChair.
Brian and Anne

don't you just love it when you post something to the wrong place?

sorry about the cross-posting of that last post both to here and stilyagiaircorp.

I'm getting excited though. We're going to have two radio play performances, a masquerade so exciting I'm actually planning to attend it (unusual for me), and awesome, awesome guests plus many other awesome panelists. And I unpacked my books enough to find the book by Cat Rambo I wanted to bring for her to sign! (for those who don't know, I just moved).

I am very very lucky to have a new job where they're letting me work remotely for a week my third full week on the job, so I don't have to bounce back and forth from Michigan to Ohio (I just moved to Yellow Springs).

I will be bouncing though. From joy! ConFusion is going to be so much fun!