November 12th, 2008

Brian and Anne

Going to Chicago soon

Just in case anyone's keeping track, I *am* going to Windycon this weekend. I will be getting in sometime on Friday and immediately dashing around putting up fliers for the ConFusion party and possibly doing some shopping though I might just buy everything here since we're driving. (If there's anyone who will be there earlier Friday who is willing to print and post fliers for me, let me know, and I'll drop you a pdf.) The ConFusion party will start at 9 pm on Friday and at 8 or 9 on Saturday (any opinions on which is better?)

In general, for the weekend, I will be running program ops, so you can find me in the green room during the daytimes if not generally in programming space. Friday evening Pat and Allan are covering for me since there's no telling when I'll get in. Friday and Saturday nights there is the ConFusion party. I may or may not bring the guitar - we'll see how space goes in the car. Being as how it's a military theme this year, though, it's tempting to sit in the lobby playing pacifist hippie songs. I've not been practicing much lately, what with getting the house on the market so... we'll see.

Speaking of which, my house is now for sale. If you want a nice 4-bedroom house with attached garage backing on Eberwhite woods on the west side of Ann Arbor for $279,000, let me know.
Brian and Anne

Getting rid of things

Am trying to clear out extra things while prepping to show the house. Am giving away a broken Black and Decker T2200 Toast-it-all (Bill clearly thought it was fixable, so kept it), a dustmop, a few easter baskets, some styrofoam coolers, and some plastic tubing/pipe such as you'd use for fishtanks. Am also hoping to sell a set of 4 dining rm chairs ($50 or best offer), and my leather couch/loveseat/armchair set, which is full of reclining goodness but just isn't me (haven't set a price on that yet), and a painting from cozumel ($15 - which is much less than I paid to have it matted and the hanger put on the back). Pictures are available on my flickr account. Let me know if you want anything.

I also have a lot of random wood, so let me know if you need some.