October 14th, 2008

Brian and Anne

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Does anyone besides me wish there was a rule that television broadcasters had to pull/cancel political advertising that was demonstrated to contain out-and-out lies?

I mean, somewhere in there where you get a broadcasting license, you agree to serve the public. Permitting deceptive advertising just because you've received your pieces of silver is not serving the public.

ETA: this post is in reaction to this ad, which as discussed here posits a lot of things unrelated to Prop 8 as an argument for it, as though it defends people in the state against things other than the state's recognition of the right of gay couples to get and be married. Further discussion here.
Brian and Anne

Drip drip drip drip

I was doing some audio recording in my basement, so I turned the fridge off for a while to eliminate noise. Later I went back and looked at the freezer and thought "Oh yeah, I needed to defrost this anyway" and left it off, furthering the process by leaving the doors open. Water is dripping steadily into the bottom drawer of the fridge. Good thing I'm not recording anymore...