September 9th, 2008

Brian and Anne

Vote for the 2008 US Corporate Citizenship Partnership Awards

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) has announced its 2008 Corporate Citizenship Awards finalist pairings in the "Partnership Award" category:

The partnership award category winner is the only one selected based on popular vote. The award honors a company and charitable organization for successful work on an important social issue. Online public voting began Sept 8th and ends on October 8th at - please spread the word.

I am mentioning this in particular because a close friend of the family is in charge of the Abbott International Giving Program --- she and her team are committed to making things better for people in need. They need votes for this US Chamber of Commerce Award, so if you would click on the website above and enter a vote for Abbott’s program that would be great.

The Abbott and Direct Relief International partnership supports the pediatric hospital, Angkor Hospital for Children, in Cambodia. Since the partnership with Angkor Hospital for Children began in September 2006, Abbott and the Abbott Fund have provided two grants totaling $139,500, along with almost $1 million worth of nutritional and pharmaceutical products. The partnership between Abbott and Direct Relief has made a significant impact over the past two years by supporting the on-going efforts of the hospital to train healthcare workers on counseling families and building awareness of the nutritional needs of children.

All of the finalist nominees are worthy charitable partnerships. But I am asking you to please cast your online BCLC Award vote for Abbott and Direct Relief International. Thank you.
relaxed and happy

Sweets on my mind

While in Canada recently I discovered that Bounty bars are my new favorite commercial chocolate bars (my favorite non-bar chocolate right now is See's dark chocolate California Brittle).

Anyone coming to ConClave from Canada or other countries that carry Bounty can curry favors with me with such a chocolate bar. Just so you know.